Who Uses Them And What Body Cooling Vests Do

Guys, think of the standard everyday vest you would normally wear as an undergarment. Think for what purpose it is usually worn for. It is certainly not used for appearance’s sake, especially considering that it will never be seen. No, the vest is purposely worn for protection, as a hygienic guard and a source for keeping the body warm. Protection is paramount for industrial use personnel. But when they wear this vest and a whole host of other body cooling products, they are doing so to keep their bodies cool. In the industrial space, a cooling vest will be worn by sandblasters, painters and welders, just to mention three of the many artisanal occupations.

The industrial use cooling vest is fire and flame resistant. It utilizes standard compressed air in order to cool its wearer. This is done particularly in industrial areas where traditional air conditioning is not advisable. Ambient air temperature is dropped by 20F when the vest is worn. A paint spray air line can be taped to a welding cable. This contributes towards the wearer staying comfortable for the duration of his work shift.

Auxiliary air vests are available for those artisans who need to operate under truly intense heat conditions. Leggings are also available to wear. These simply double the user’s surface area that needs to be cooled. And air gloves are also available for use.

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A specially prepared vest can connect to any existing compressed air source. After putting the vest on, an air line is dropped from the ceiling. Air is drawn in by a compressor. Air that was heated due to compression cools in its storage tank. Ambient temperature air flows to the vest where its tuned ports can then let out the air again.